Leadership of Parliament

The Speaker

Hon. Mariam Jack Denton 

The Speaker is the first officer of the House. At the National level she ranks third in the official order of precedence after the President and the Vice-President. The Speaker is elected by Members from among persons who are MPs or who qualify to be elected as Members of Parliament. The first business that is conducted in a new Parliament is the election of the Speaker. A Member of Parliament shall vacate her seat if she is elected as a Speaker. The Speakers of the First, Second and Third Parliaments of the Fourth Republic were all elected from outside the membership of Parliament.

The Speaker presides over all plenary sittings of Parliament. The Speaker’s ruling cannot be challenged except on a substantive motion. It is the responsibility of the Speaker to:

  • Act as the spokesperson of the House in its relations with the State, the President, the Council of State and other authorities outside Parliament and the Republic; and
  • Enforce adherence to all the Standing Orders of the House for the preservation of order and the conduct of its business.

In performing her duties the Speaker exhibits the highest sense of fairness and impartiality.

The Speaker chairs the Parliamentary Service Board and as such has over-all responsibility for the internal functioning of the House and management of the Parliamentary Service.

Deputy Speaker

Hon. Momodou L.K. Sanneh

The Speaker is assisted in the performance of his duties by the  Deputy Speaker

Majority Leader

Hon. Kebba K. Barrow 

The Majority Leader is elected from the Majority Group of the Parliament

Minority Leader

Hon. Samba Jallow 

 The Minority  Leader is elected from the Minority Group of the Parliament

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